Porsche 911Universal Dual-Pass Oil Cooler w/ Direct Fitment

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This oil cooler is commonly utilized for engine oil, transmission oil, power-steering fluid, and differential fluid, plus can be used as a water heat exchanger.

The longer/shorter rectangular sizing allows the oil coolers to be placed in spaces that don't have much vertical surface area as well as promotes better airflow to the other components in the cooling system. The durable, heavy-duty bar and plate design can withstand a higher peak burst rate and road debris.
Highlights -

  • High Efficiency & Rugged Durability Bar/Plate Design
  • M22 x 1.5 Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Internal Radius for Maximum Flow
  • Optimized to Also Accept AN-16 Connections
  • Triangular Flush Mounting Holes (M8 x 1.25)
  • "Aero-Flow" Bar Design for Lightweight, Strength, and Maximum Flow
  • Satin Black Finish for Extreme Protection Against Corrosion and Debris
  • Pressure Tested at 120psi