Holley EFI HI-RAM 105MM Cast Side Mount Plenum Top

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HI-RAM 105MM Cast aluminum Side Mount Plenum Top for EFI Hi-Ram Manifolds- Black Holley now has cast aluminum plenum top options for those of us with limited room in the front of our engine bays. The cast aluminum side mount plenum tops resemble the older Ford EFI manifolds and will allow you to mount the throttle body on the side. This will allow for easier fabrication for boosted applications or for just a different look on your Hi-Ram manifold. Cast aluminum construction designed to mount on our existing Hi-Ram manifold bases. Available in cast or black finish. Models for GM Style throttle body patterns in 95mm and 105 mm sizes.


  • Plug and Play with Holley EFI
  • Includes both crank and cam sensors to support sequential EFI operation
  • Hall Effect sensor design provides precise timing control and noise immunity
  • CNC machined billet aluminum housing
  • Integrated LEDs allow for easy setup
  • Available for popular applications
  • Precision machined shutter wheel designed for improved accuracy at extreme engine RPM
  • Shutter wheel is pinned and welded to distributor shaft for superior reliability
  • Blank cap available for Coil-On-Plug applications