Holley Black 351W Ford Hi-Ram EFI Manifold

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The EFI Hi-Ram manifold line has a new addition for the 351W Ford application. This manifold comes with a 95MM LS throttle body flange top, a 105mm LS throttle body top is also available. The runner length and tapered cross section design will perform well for a wide range of engine combinations. The engineering team also redesigned the water crossover passage to allow room for distributor phasing. Aggressive, bold, race-bred styling will make bad intentions clear for drag race, muscle car, marine, off-road, sandrails, pulling trucks, track, street-rod applications and more!

Manifold is designed for a 9.5" deck height.

Manifold Width is 11.32".

• Runner length and the tapered cross-section designed to perform well for a wide range of engine configurations

• EFI fuel rails are machined for -8AN O-ring Fittings with passages large enough to accommodate high fuel flows and dampen pressure pulsations in the fuel system and come standard with EFI Hi-Ram kits.

• Cast aluminum construction with black finish.


  • Runner Length ‚Äì 6.29‚Äù, As-Cast Runner Cross-Sectional Area ‚Äì Tapered 4.67in¬≤ to 2.84 in¬≤
  • Throttle Body Flange Location, with 92/102mm EFI Plenum Top : Height ‚Äì 8.42‚Äù (from engine block lifter valley cover flange), Longitudinal Location ‚Äì 3.84‚Äù (forward from engine block front flange), Angle ‚Äì 25 deg. (down from vertical)
  • Plenum Top Gasket Type ‚Äì 3/32‚Äù Round O-ring Cord
  • Mounting Flange Gasket Type ‚Äì Standard LS3 Molded O-Ring
  • Port Size ‚Äì 2.49‚Äù Height x 1.21‚Äù Wide
  • Total Height with 92/102mm EFI Plenum Top ‚Äì 12.32‚Äù to the lifter valley cover flange on engine block.
  • Base Plenum Top Mounting Flange Height ‚Äì 8.42‚Äù to the lifter valley cover flange on engine block.